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 The Troller Yacht Book is back in print! Click HERE for ordering the book or PDF from the publisher!


Buehler's Backyard Boatbuilding

Here's the spiel from the first edition back in 1990.... This editon has more stuff in it as well as a plans for 10 of my designs. It is also available as an E-Book from many online retailers.

Starting with tools: "... the true crafsman is a rare bird; no more in tune with the Cosmos than you, just more patient..." to instructions for the proper use of alcohol at the launch, this book guides you step by step through the process of building a real sea-going cruising boat. Written from the novel point of view of keeping costs down and having fun, this is, if you'll pardon me, the BEST "how-to" book since "Volkswagon Repair For The Compleat Idiot."

October 2014


How To Find Where You Are From The Sun (what you need to do when the GPS fails)

The simplest & clearest "how to use a sextant and navigate book" in the known Universe!

Simplistic - a major distributor that refused to carry it.

We hit Hawaii - a satisfied user.

If you can't follow this you best give up and buy a ranch in Nebraska. . . .


  Cruisin' on Land

I admit it; Gail and I are RVers, and have been for some years now. There's alot of similarities between the RV world and the cruising boat world, even sharing some of the same jargon; things like "dinghy", or "shore power".
This book was written by both of us. And rather than simply rephrase the Trailer Life "heavies" out there, it takes a different tack. The emphasis is on "normal" income folks who want to go cruisin', and what's involved. So far we've cruised our rig to Mexico twice, California a couple times, and we hope soon to circumnavigate North America, catching the fall colors of New England, and then on down to the winter warmth of Florida and the Texas gulf.
Believe it or not, I copied the format Eric & Susan Hiscock used in their classic Voyaging Under Sail, on the Log Of A Cruise Gail and I took in our 5th wheel down to Mexico and back.

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